Joris Roovers
3CMGM Student @ Antwerp Management School. Passionate about computing. Love to travel.
Joris Roovers

Hello, welcome to my corner of the Internet.
My name is Joris Roovers, and I am 30-year old 3CMGM student at the Antwerp Management School in Antwerp, Belgium. I was born in Wilrijk, Belgium. When I'm not at my dorm, I live in Schoten, Belgium.

Ever since my childhood I've been passionate about computers and software development, which is why Computer Science was the obvious choice when I started studying. After earning my Master's degree in Computer Science in July 2011, I started to 3CMGM programme in September 2011 to learn more about the financial, economic and cultural challenges of international organizations. If you are interested in following me troughout the year, you can follow the official 3CMGM Student blog or follow the fan page on Facebook.

As part of my master's thesis in Computer Science, I did research on Cloud Computing Market Design. For more information, you can have a look at a blog on which I reported my progress.

In my spare time, I try to have some quality time with my girlfriend. I also like travelling , going to the movies and sports. Occasionally, I like to go out and have a beer with some friends.
When I have less schoolwork (primarily during the summer), I like to spend some time on webdevelopment.